Importance of design in email marketing

design in email marketing

Are you struggling to create an appealing communicative email?

Email marketing is your brand’s voice; your email design is the window through which your target sees your products and services.

With the rising click-thru rates emerging among desktop and mobile devices, the need to capture the attention of your reader through email design is becoming more important and competitive than ever.

You only get one shot, so it’s worth employing as many tricks in the book as possible to make sure your message gets through.

Given the number of commercial emails sent daily, the inbox is a battlefield for your recipients’ attention, and you have to do something to stand out! One way to do so is through visually appealing emails.

Here are few tips I want to share with you so you can delight your recipients with visually stunning emails!

#1: Be crystal clear

Tell your readers who you are, exactly why you’re emailing them, and exactly what they’re going to get out of the experience. This means as soon as your email is opened, your intentions and identity are clear, and your proposition won’t be overlooked.

Make sure your sender name, subject line, preheader, and your ‘above the fold’ content is all meaningful and relevant to your reason for contacting your readers.

#2: Be noticeable

Emails are small and they’re opened for a very brief period of time, so the function of every element needs to be noticeable.

Create nice, big, easily clickable and tappable buttons for your links. On mobile, make them 100% of the width so that they can easily be tapped with either thumb.

If you also wish to have text links within your copy, ensure they’re bold and in a contrasting colour so they stand out. Try not to have too many links close together, which may cause a user to accidentally tap the wrong one.

#3: Say Less

Don’t write much. Your recipients will scan the email for things that interest them rather than reading the whole email, so divide it into bite-sized pieces which are as short as possible.

Design your email to be punchy. Text should appear in clear, delineated chunks that get to the point.

Use clear headings and call out key concepts in bold type so that your scanning readers can get the gist, even if they don’t read everything (which most of them won’t).

#4: Enhancement

Before giving every box rounded corners and drop shadows, think about how your layout will work without these enhancements. Treat that as your ‘base’ design, to which you’ll add your rounded corners and shadows as enhancements.

Creating bold shapes with square edges looks just as great, and users on newer email clients will get to see your rounded corners as an added bonus.

This approach will save you a lot of time when it comes to building your email. If you have to create a rounded cornered text box with a drop shadow and it has to work on every email client, you will have to build the effects using images, which can be very time-consuming especially when creating reusable templates.

#5: Breathing Room

Create designs that have a bit of breathing room, where it won’t matter if one client is adding 7 pixels of mystery space underneath. At the very least, refrain from extra-finicky tiny details that are going to look broken if they are one pixel out.

Make sure that everything ties together well, and that subscribers will still be able to understand your message.

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