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It’s said that email marketing helps a business grow and enriches business communication but the question is how! What is email marketing and how does it basically work?

So, when an organization sends a commercial email to any of the prospective clients, the process of email marketing begins. This is a form of direct marketing. An email can be sent to one person or a group of people. An email communication could be for any cause, be it making clients or managing existing ones. This is a way to promote the business and could be done in any form, advertisement and sales requests being the two of them. This is an efficient way to stay connected to the clients. As everything is on cloud when dealing with email marketing, one doesn’t need investment on television advertisements, spaces for banners or external help of any kind. All one needs to do is send an email; and that’s done. Yes! That simple!

Using email marketing, reaching target audience is the easiest. One can send these emails to clients of different fields. To make this segregation is easy. Also, one can use software for email marketing so that multiple clients can be handled at the same time. These multiple clients can be managed by making divisions based on several factors. Such software when used sends emails to clients which look customized. Also, when these emails are sent, it looks like the email has been sent specifically to that particular client. This increases sales and maintains the trust of the client.

Emails that are sent could or couldn’t be automated. All of this depends on various factors decided either by the user or the software itself. Sending random emails isn’t considered a part of email marketing but when the same is done with the purpose of increasing the clientele or maintaining the client base, it can be tagged as email marketing. This does help in repeating business and making sure that the previous clients and the organization still maintains a good professional rapport. Whenever an email is received from a prospective client or a request is generated with the help of email marketing, an email can be sent to the person immediately. This does affect the perspective the other person has in his mind as the responsive time is too less. Also, this develops a trust and ensures that the request of the client has been received and will be entertained shortly. Hence email marketing does help a lot in the journey of a prospective client to a permanent one.

Email marketing is a successful way of direct marketing as every professional person checks his/her email on a daily basis, at least a 2-4 times a day. This stamps the fact that email marketing is one of the best methods to reach the target audience in the least time.

Advantages of Email Marketing:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Time efficient
  3. High success rate
  4. Dynamic
  5. Instant

Email marketing is a creative task as it isn’t sending a plain email. This work deals with many segments. Few of them being choosing the layout which may be different for different clients based on his preferences, choosing the target audience, selecting the time frame of receiving the email and much more. These aspects aid in making the campaign successful.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing can be done with utmost ease and segmentation with the help of marketing campaigns. Such campaigns help the user reach the target audience staying at the comfort zone. It makes the task flexible and demands less time. A campaign is basically a coordinated set of emails sent to the clients, delivered at regular intervals for a particular motive. Various software and applications can be used for the development of excellent email marketing campaigns.

Steps to Build a Campaign:

  1. Build an email list
  2. Select the campaigns from the list of available options
  3. Create the campaign
  4. Have a look at the results

Creating a campaign couldn’t have been more effortless. This is nothing but a tool to send emails which makes the work only easier and sets a trend in which the things should be taken care of. Most of the tools which help in creation of campaigns come with prebuilt templates to ease out the work of the user. What a user needs to do is to select a template and consider the work done! Also, for organizations with less clientele, most of the tools are free to use. A good email campaign runs smoothly and brings out great results. In case a client likes the email, he might request the organization for more information and that’s exactly what the organization wants- lead generation. Once the client has shown interest, he can be dealt with manually, making him feel special and important as a resource. Most of the email marketing campaign tools helps the user in importing email lists from various sources like Google or Gmail. This makes the work incredibly easy for the user, making the tool more reliable and effective.

Campaigns are not just about one standard email sent to all. The user can segregate emails into segments being sent to different clients. E.g. there are 100 clients and there are 10 segments of 10 clients each. Using an email campaign, this work can be done in a few clicks. Segmented emails look customized and target the audience which deserves those emails. This brings better results for the organization as more people tend to reply or get in touch. The user can even name the campaigns; it would look more professional and informative at the same time.

The best thing an email campaign gives you is the facility of tracking. A user can track the campaign, get to know the number of clients who read the email and open the link if the same has been mentioned. This will help the user know what works and what doesn’t. This way there is always a room for improvements and the changes can be made, aiming better results.

The one very important aspect of running email marketing campaigns is scheduling. The emails need to be scheduled and the user needs to decide when the emails should be received by the clients. The time the clients receive the email is of utmost significance. If the client receives the email in non-working hours, he might or might not go through it. Hence, to understand these minute things becomes a challenge but to get the best out of this challenge is what campaigns do. In addition to this, one must not target just the number of audience; every email needs to be of high quality. Only then it wouldn’t sweep into the spam folder. The email needs to be genuine and transparent. If one needs to make email marketing great, transparency is the key!

Essentials of an Email in a Campaign:

  1. The content must sync with the brand identity
  2. Contact information
  3. Focus on the target
  4. Exclude difficult vocabulary
  5. Don’t make the email too lengthy
  6. Provide helpful information

Email marketing is done to bring traffic to the organization’s website and when that happens, the opportunity needs to be tapped. An amazing campaign can be created in less than 10 minutes!

Future Scope in Email Marketing:

The future of email marketing is shining bright with excellence and a bundle of hopes. With things getting digitized every second and every business finding a way to come onlinethe time isn’t far when print media will be a thing of the past. In such a case when everything is computerized, how can email marketing be neglected!

Email marketing requires an eye to detail and the hunger to achieve results. The campaigns act as a true game changer for an organization. It can load the organization’s website with endless traffic; but if dealt wrongly, it can even degrade an organization’s image. One needs to take care of the fact that an email is indeed a powerful tool in itself and the motive should be to realize its importance and use it in the best possible way, extracting every drop of it. The emails need to be more refined with time as an entire business might rest on it. The emails will have to be more precise, personalized, effective and with content of the best quality. The audience must get pulled towards knowing what’s behind the email and what the organization has more to offer. To take the importance of email marketing for granted would be the biggest mistake of the decade.

In a few years down the line, automation will be at its peak so will be digitized world. In such a case, email marketing needs to be more refined. Only relevant information will be entertained by the well educated audience. Email marketing has a lot to offer. It must be utilized in the best possible way and maximum needs to be taken out of it, for it is the best way to trick fish into the net!

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